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And then weather happened...

Last Saturday afternoon we were sitting on a swanky (though somewhat cloudy) hotel pool deck contemplating our future route and stop-over options. If you noticed the map on the website (or read the earlier post about the planned route), you'll recall that we were planning to spend the weekend in Hollywood then beetle our way straight to Utah to see Zion, Bryce Canyon, and all the other amazing Utah sights.

Well, while we were lamenting the clouds above our pool deck, we checked the weather in Utah and discovered that there were much more ominous clouds in that direction. More specifically, the entire week was forecast to be filled with was snow, rain, below freezing temperatures, and just general conditions not very conducive to motorcycle riding and camping ... humph. If you read that earlier post, you'll recall that we finished it by acknowledging that our well laid plans might get thrown out the window immediately. Turns out we were right!

So rather than heading north-east, we opted for due east and are currently working our way through Arizona and New Mexico. On the up side, it turns out both of these states are beautiful!

At this point, we've crossed two state lines! Like good Millennials, we threw responsible caution to the wind and stopped at the edge of a perilous freeway for the sake of a selfie with the state signs (okay, so only Arizona was perilous, New Mexico put some thought into it and added a pull off area - ergo more photos)

Another victory of note in New Mexico: Our first 1000 miles!

11 more times!

The trip through has been a pretty stead pattern of sleeping, riding and working. Along the way, we've had some pretty amazing camp sites, some cool towns and driven through beautiful landscape.

We'll get some more posts up about some of the more interesting spots as we go, but for now - on to Texas!

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