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Departure Day

And we're off!!

After a hectic week of wrapping up loose ends in San Diego, moving most of our stuff into storage, and getting the house ready for someone else to move in, we're finally ready to go!

In case you're curious, this is what three months worth of clothing, camping equipment, rain gear, and various personal supplies looks like. We're geared up and ready to go!

This is what 3-months on a bike looks like!

Of important note, we realized after the fact that the helmet position in the photo above blocks the view of Jon's trusty traveling companion. For those of you that have ever seen his bike: fear not, yes, the panda is coming with us.

Just the essentials - including a panda. Obviously.

So this is it. Odometers zeroed out. Heading north from here. First stop Hollywood!

Won't be at zero for long!

Fortunately, for this first leg, we've roped our friend Ransom in to join us for the weekend trip to LA (recently new motorcycle owner and always game for adventure). With the three of us, we make quite the motorcycle gang if you ask me!

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