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Dropping in on New York (via central Pennsylvania)

(*note this is a catch-up posting. We passed through here from June 18-21)

From DC we headed up the eastern seaboard to our next destination: New York City. At this point, I should remind you of a previous character in our story: Bob from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Well, turns out, Bob is actually from central Pennsylvania and when we met him on the Blue Ridge Parkway and told him our route, he jumped right on board and offered that we could stay at his place on our way past. Itinerant travelers that we are, we decided to take him up on the offer. What Bob didn't tell us is that he's not only on the way from DC to New York, but also living on a little piece of paradise in idyllic, farm-country Pennsylvania. When we pulled up to the farm that he lives on the sun was just setting, turning the entire sky pink and orange over rolling green fields as it dipped behind the mountains. There were literally deer grazing in the fields under the setting sun. Paradise. And to top it all off, there was dinner ready for us when we got there.

After our countryside respite in Pennsylvania we steeled ourselves for the traffic and headed to the "Big Apple."

Jon had to work so he headed straight to his brother Joe & Bircan's place. I headed to Brooklyn and got to hang out with Egbert, Adrienne, and their future motorcycle rider (that's if he can fit it in between the bird-watching, ballet, skateboarding and gardening that also seem to be among his hobbies at the time).

While in New York, I headed into town to see the sights. Specifically, I was headed to one particular taco shop in Chelsea Market, Los Tacos No. 1, started by the son of a previous co-worker in San Diego (best tacos in New York if you ask me).

Second I wanted to walk High Line Park, the abandoned set of elevated rail lines that the a neighbourhood group and the City turned into a park 5-10 years ago. I remember hearing about the park but hadn't been back to NYC since it was opened, so I wasn't going to miss my chance this time. Unfortunately, just as I started walking is about the time that the clouds opened up and the rain started, but I was not dismayed! An added benefit of traveling by motorcycle (and therefore having to carry oodles of gear with you everywhere) is that even on hot days you still have a jacket handy that works as a medium-waterproof rain cover. In any case, rain or shine the High Line park is a good walk. In addition to city sights and landscaping, there are a number of different public art installations. It's worth checking out if you're in New York.

After a wet afternoon in the rain, it was nice the meet back up with Jon, Joe & Bircan to go out for delicious New York ramen & ice cream. We spent a relaxed evening at their place with their two cats and then the following day (after Bircan had satisfied her Turkish roots that we were properly fed a good lunch) we were reach to get back on the road... except (*dum, dum dummmmm)... our first bout of mechanical bike difficulty!

Not to worry - a couple of diagnostic checks and a few (somewhat frustrated) hours later, we had one new battery and two working bikes and were headed on our way.

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