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Dropping in on Team Moreno

When planning a transcontinental trip that is weather dependent, I strongly recommend having friends like the Moreno family. You know, the kind of friends that will host a couple of itinerant wanderers at the drop of a hat with no notice because we happen to be passing near them.

With our new path taking us through Phoenix, we dropped into the Moreno house last Monday night. We got to meet the newest Moreno, little Annie, who at two months old is already becoming a little adventurer hiking up to the top of Spook Hill with Cindy & me.

While we were only there for a day to visit (and so Jon could work), we had great food, conversation, and company. Couldn't have hoped for better!

Don't let Gus fool you - he's only pretending to be camera-shy because he's not on his motorcycle!

Big thanks to Cindy, Jaime, Isabel, Gus, and little Annie! It was awesome to see you all!

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