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Going on 9000 miles and still rolling!

For those of you that have been keeping up with the blog as we go (and therefore probably noticed the past couple of weeks without updates), we are indeed still on the move. Our trip up the eastern seaboard and through eastern Canada has been the densest clump of different people that we get to visit. Between spending time with friends & family and spending time on the bikes, (and working! -jf) we haven't spent any time updating the blog.

Here's what you've missed since we finished the Blue Ridge Parkway (that we'll hopefully get caught up on eventually):

- Shenandoah National Park

- Washington DC

- New York City

- Boston

- Maine & Acadia National Park

- The Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & PEI)

- Our longest day riding (yet) through eastern Canada

- Ottawa

- and now Toronto!

We're in Toronto for a couple of nights then headed back to the States tomorrow.

Remember at the beginning of this how we thought it was going to be a 12,000 mile trip? That may have been a bit optimistic... we're just shy of our 9000 mile mark (14,400 km) and a long way from home!

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