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Our Florida Peeps!

Somehow we ended up being woefully negligent on photo-taking with all the people we visited in Florida. I know - this makes us terrible Millennials, "pics or it didn't happen..." and all that. I stand by the opinion that we were too focused on enjoying the company to remember to take photos.

Fortunately, I think we were able to see pretty much everyone on Jon's list of family & friends as we were swinging through the state. Jake & Sara, and of course little Felix, were our gracious hosts when we rolled into Gainesville. Visitors to that household beware: Felix is a little charmer and will knock your socks off with his quirky grins & smiles!

While in Gainesville, we were able to crash a nearby house party to see Jon's old high school buddy Brian. Brian was the only one we knew at the party, but when you roll in with a story about driving 3500 miles across the country on a motorcycle it's easy to make friends - and convince new people to get motorcycles (good job corrupting the masses, Jon)!

From Gainesville, we headed to Ocala to have lunch with Kirstin, Faye and Tara. Not only was the food and company excellent, we also timed it perfectly to be inside during one of the passing afternoon rainstorms that Florida is famous for. Kirstin - we're going to keep bugging you to come out and visit San Diego until we finally get you out there!

After lunch, we headed over to Tim & Kristen's for the afternoon and evening where yours truly changed the brake pads on my bike (I'm pretty sure this makes me a bonafide motorcycle mechanic now... thanks Tim for letting us use your tools!). We had an awesome evening hanging out in the pool, playing games, and enjoying good food and company.

From there we headed south to Parkland, to our first Farro household stop and maybe the longest single location we'll have on the entire trip (6 nights, although we did add a trip to the Everglades and the Keys in the middle and one of the nights was because of rain delay). Natalie, Frank, and Brooke were awesome hosts. Since we were there during the week Jon had to spend most of the days working. Meanwhile, I got to go hang out with Brooke in the park, spend a day on the beach with Natalie, read a book, and just do general vacation things. (poundsign "funemployed" :) )

As is often then case when there is an almost-four-year-old around, Brooke was the only one that we thought to take any photos of. She made our week, showering us with an abundance of drawings and various "written" notes, playing games, telling stories, and creating a couple of epic hopscotch courses that kept "Uncle Jon" on his toes!

It was a great week, Florida! Thanks to all the friends and family that made it so awesome!

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