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Ransom - our biker gang third and the best send-off weekend ever!

Shout out to our friend Ransom who braved LA traffic on a motorcycle (in the rain!!) to send us off on our grand adventure! And when I say, "braved the traffic" I mean he took the motorcycle course about 3 weeks ago, bought a motorcycle about 2 weeks ago, and then hopped on it and rode into the city with the worst traffic in the country. (poundsign hardcore)

Not only is Ransom up for motorcycle adventures, he's half mountain goat when you get him on a rocky trail up a mountain to go see a fancy sign. Don't sweat it, Ransom, go ahead and hang out in that tree to wait for us, we'll catch up eventually!

Lastly, remember that swanky hotel that I told you we were staying at? The one with the fancy lobby (and fancier air conditioning)... well guess who's responsible for that too? You got it, check out this mechanical design team extraordinaire!

(I know what you're thinking, check out those linear slot air diffusers in the ceilings - right!?!?)

Thanks Ransom for an awesome send off weekend!!!

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